30 Passenger Party Bus

This party bus is filled with an exemplary amount of amenities; even by our over the top standards! No matter where you are seated in this plush, roomy and fun-filled vehicle, you'll have a perfect view of a crystal-clear digital TV display. There is even a fireplace for those cold windy city nights! It's the perfect way to not only ride around the city, but also ride in luxury and amazement, as you can and will enjoy the best of the best when it comes to riding, luxury, and amusement. It is a party after all isn't it? Be sure to keep the party vibes going, really really keep it going, when you ride in style, class, luxury, and a whole lot of wild fun with our incredible White Luxurious 30 Passenger Party bus.

  • Vehicle Highlights:
  • Chrome Stripper Pole
  • One-of-a-Kind Interior Details
  • Seats up to 30 Passengers!
  • Laser Light Show
  • CD Player with iPod Adapter
  • DVD/Blu-Ray Player


Many customers think the custom interior of this luxury vehicle is our best yet, they love high tech night club vibe and all the work that went into making it the ultimate party machine. We know you and your friends will fall in love with it too if you take it out on the town for a night. With multiple screen and a powerful yet clear sounding audio system you will be in heaven be you jamming out to a custom playlist you created on your phone for this night, or kicking back watching a movie on the way to your destination. Perfect vehicle for any occasion you can think of, so long as you have 30 or fewer passengers including yourself going with you on this unforgettable journey you are planning. So just as with all of our other vehicles if you want this one you better book it well in advance, we aren't kidding when we say we often are booked solid months in advance, and when we are just about everyone we know in the industry too. A lot of people have the idea that luxury transportation is like a taxi service, Lyft or Uber where you can just call or press a button and one will show up, but that's simply not the case, we handle important events in peoples lives that they have been planning for months if not years, so when you know you need one you need to book as far in advance is possible, instead of crossing your fingers at the last minute that you will happen to pick a slow day where a chauffeur is available.