Antioch Restaurants & Bars

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Anastasia's Restaurant & Sports Lounge

950 Hillside Ave

Antioch, IL 60002

When you just want to go out and enjoy a game with the guys, be sure to do just that at Anastasia's Restaurant and Sports Lounge. Now, the blackened cod is a personal favorite, but the meatball sandwich is also delicious as well. They also have an incredible bar, that is simply and truly one of a kind.

Phone: (847) 395-3939

Las Vegas Restaurant

914 Main St

Antioch, IL 60002

When you want truly delicious dumpling soup, and a real quality country fried plate, be sure to check out Las Vegas Restaurant. This is also a fun place to just be at as the atmosphere itself is amazing. Also, be sure to try their out of this world bread when you're in Antioch.

Phone: (847) 395-6363

David's Bistro

883 Main St

Antioch, IL 60002

With an out of this world Jumbo shrimp cocktail, and a tasty Pork Chop, David's Bistro is one of the best in town. There BBQ chicken pizza and swimming pizza is also delicious as well. They also have a wide variety of great pastas, of which my personal favorite is the Wild game sausage pasta.

Phone: (847) 603-1196

Colony House Restaurant

25811 119th St

Trevor, WI 53179

This place isn't just about having great food, it's also about having a wonderful and positive atmosphere. They also offer an amazing prime rib of which you'll truly love. Be sure to stop on into the Colony House restaurant and get the best of both worlds.

Phone: (262) 862-2076

Grass Lake Landing Restaurant

26250 W Heart O Lakes Blvd

Antioch, IL 60002

If you're looking for a delicious restaurant that offers the best in large pizzas with great toppings, and wonderful Fried Shrimp, be sure to try Grass Lake Landing Restaurant. The fish and chips are also amazing, and the veggies, like the broccoli and green beans are good to. This is variety pack eating, and you will simply love it!!! .

Phone: (847) 395-7800

Grande Letty's

1200 Main St

Antioch, IL 60002

When it comes to real, and amazingly authentic Mexican, you have to have Grande Letty's. They have an amazing Tamale dinner as well as out of this world Texas style Puffy tacos. They also delicious dinner plates. Once again, do not miss out on this amazing Mexican cuisine.

Phone: (847) 838-4491