Barrington Restaurants & Bars

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Barrington Country Bistro

718 W Northwest Hwy

Barrington, IL 60010

When you want a cuisine that is all about fresh, this is it!! They have delectable wine list, seasonal outdoor dining, hand crafted cocktails, and a whole lot more. They are also proud to offer gluten free meals as well as a real quality bistro cuisine. Give this bistro a chance when you visit.

Phone: (847) 842-1300

Cooper's Hawk Winery and Restaurant

100 W Higgins Rd

South Barrington, IL 60010

With a truly wide variety of different wines, as well as delicious pastas, seafoods, and more, be sure to try out Cooper's Hawk winery and Restaurant. One of the best and most popular food items is Dana's Parmesan Crusted Chicken, along with the Maple, Mustard & Pretzel-Crusted Pork Medallions. Be sure to give this big menu a chance when you're in town.

Phone: (847) 836-9463

Chessies Restaurant

200 Applebee St

Barrington, IL 60010

When you're looking for simple, with starters, salads, and entrees that are simply delicious, you have to try Chessies Restaurant. Chessies offers a wonderful Caribbean Chicken, a delicious Salmon, a great Chicken Santa Fe Salad, and much more. Be sure to stop in and get the best with this amazing restaurant.

Phone: (847) 382-5020

Sergio's Pizza

207 A W Northwest Hwy

Barrington, IL 60010

When you're in Barrington Hills, and in you're in the mood for Pizza, be sure to check out Sergio's Pizza. They offer the best when it comes to specials, a wide variety of great toppings, high quality premium sauces, and more. Also, on their dinner menu is their ever popular shrimp scampi, of which is wonderful and delicious. You'll also want to try the Chicken Saltimbocca, of which is also delicious, and very tangy and fresh.

Phone: (847) 382-1199

PL8 Restaurant

736 W Northwest Hwy

Barrington, IL 60010

When it comes to a place where dinner is delicious, and where you can enjoy delicious cocktails, be sure to check out the PL8 restaurant. PL8 is the best when it comes to delicious dinners, of which the Snow Crab Salad is a personal favorite. Don't let the PL8 go unnoticed on your travels.

Phone: (847) 382-1988

The Canteen restaurant

214 S Hough St

Barrington, IL 60010

If you're looking for a literal, authentic pig roast, that is simply delicious and one of a kind, be sure to check out the Canteen restaurant. It's truly known for its authentic baby back ribs of which are made in a truly unique way. Once again, though you've got to try the delicious pig roast you'll simply love it.

Phone: (847) 382-0900