Buffalo Grove Restaurants & Bars

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Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

85 S Buffalo Grove Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-2104
This establishment has a very rich history when it comes to making amazing pizza. The philosophy of the original owner was that if you build it, they will come. What has always made this venue special is their commitment to quality. Every pizza is made from scratch and with every bite you will taste the secret recipe that creates flaky, buttery crust.
Phone: (847) 215-7100

MI Mexico Restaurant

220 Milwaukee Avenue
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-1878
The funny thing about this place is that every time you dine here, the food seems to get better and better. If you don't believe us, put it to the test. Your experience all begins with chips and salsa and let me just say that the chips and salsa here are so tasty that you are going to run the risk of filling up on them before your entree comes. This place is worth every penny.
Phone: (847) 229-3490

Continental Restaurant

788 S Buffalo Grove Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-3708
Expect to be greeted with a warm smile and to enjoy every single minute at this exquisite establishment. The wait staff is wonderful and they seem to really care about each patron and making sure that everyone leaves completely satisfied. The menu is full of variety and teh sandwiches are so gigantic that you are going to exit with some great leftovers.
Phone: (847) 459-4095

Weiner Take All

1117 Weiland Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-7005
When you are looking for an amazing charbroiled burger, this is where you need to be. The hand cut fries are the absolute best and they are cooked to perfection. Keep in mind that the dining area is on the small side so come prepared to possibly have to wait but hang in there. All of the servers are exceptionally friendly and will make sure you are satisfied.
Phone: (847) 634-2325

Countryline Tavern

800 W Lake Cook Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-1977
Are you ready for an authentic American Tavern experience? That is exactly what this wonderful establishment has waiting for you. Satisfaction is the name of the game here and the food is so comforting. Check out the large selection of craft beers, award-winning wines and top quality spirits. The setting is warm and welcoming and just what you need.
Phone: (847) 520-7447

Grande Jake's

205 W Dundee Road
Buffalo Grove, IL 60089-3704
If we could describe this place in just a few words, this is one phenomenal burrito hangout. We recommend the Fajita Burrito. But even if you are in the mood for something else, you can count on it being well prepared here. The servers are friendly and aim to please and as an added bonus, they serve liquor and beers that are reasonably priced.
Phone: (847) 520-8220