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7844 S Cicero Ave

Burbank, IL 60459

If there is one thing you'll love it's great authentic polish cooking. At Mabenka, you can and will get the best when it comes to tasty foods and great service. One of the best dishes on the menu is the Yankee Pot Roast, of which is simply delicious. Be sure to dive into some delicious Polish food with this amazing restaurant.

Phone: (708) 423-7679

Mattson's Steak House

8150 S Cicero Ave

Burbank, IL 60459

When you want steak made your way, made deliciously, and made with love, be sure to check out Mattson's steak house. This is a great way to start off any night with rib eyes that are out of this world, and much more. Be sure to enjoy something delicious and great cocktails at this truly authentic restaurant.

Phone: (708) 424-5884

Jalisco Restaurant

6547 W 79th St

Burbank, IL 60459

If you're looking for Mexican food that is simply authentic, and amazing be sure to enjoy Jalisco restaurant. They have beans that are very fresh, avocado that is tasty, and much more. Get real Mexican for your night out with Jalisco restaurant.

Phone: (708) 430-7903

Frank's Chicago Shrimp House

6539 W 79th St

Burbank, IL 60459

When you want the most delicious fish and chips, and renowned scallops, you've got to try this place. With Franks Chicago Shrimp house, you can and will enjoy a meal that is authentic, one of a kind, and truly delicious. Their food is from the fresh gulf waters, seasoned to perfection, it's a real treat.

Phone: (708) 233-9844

Nick's Barbecue

6945 W 79th St

Burbank, IL 60459

Not only are there ribs amazing, but their rib eye steak sandwich is also one of a kind. They also offer some Mexican food on their menu, of which is also delicious as well. Nick's Barbecue honestly has it all, and it's totally worth stopping at for a great meal and great time.

Phone: (708) 233-7427

Taqueria Los Comales

7812 S Cicero Ave

Burbank, IL 60459

Not only is this authentic Mexican food, but the beer selection is simply awesome. ALso, the Guacamole is one of my favorites as well. Be sure to try this place for Mexican food that is simply in a class of its own.

Phone: (708) 499-6465