Wedding Calligraphy in Chicago

Calligraphy wedding invitations are simply beautiful. Calligraphy is an ancient Greek art. The word calligraphy itself means “beauty” and “writing”. Calligraphy is the execution of lettering using a brush or a broad tip instrument. If you are considering having calligraphy wedding invitations that's one fantastic decision. We have created this basic guide in an effort to supply you with the knowledge you will need to find and hire the perfect calligrapher to create your invitations.

You should already know the first thing you need to do, it's what you did to end up here for your wedding transportations needs, look up local calligraphers online and see what is available to you, and see how well they are reviewed and respected before seeking out national businesses or faux calligraphy invitations from online printing giants. If you end up going to route a quick trip to the office supply store to pick up some high quality paper and decent printer would probably save you money and look just as good if you are going to end up faking it, plus you will have it all on hand to make any last minute changes.

There are some things that you must take into consideration. You will need to determine a font you would like to use. You can start searching the internet for fonts that you like, you can also view the calligraphers portfolio to get some examples. Regardless you should view their portfolios to ensure their level of skill matches your requirements. Decide upon a style in which you would like your invitations to use. Some examples are, traditional, formal, vintage, modern, floral, whimsical, and many more. You will need to choose colors. Many couples opt to use their wedding colors, but you can of course choose any colors you wish. You will need to determine the number of invitations that you will need. Many calligraphers will also do envelopes upon request for an extra fee, so you will need to decide if that is something you wish to do.

Once you have chosen a calligrapher, you will need to discuss all of the details. Tell them exactly what it is that you want. Ask them to draw you up an example invitation. If you are not pleased a good calligrapher will provide as many examples necessary until you find the one that you are satisfied. You should hire your calligrapher about two months before you need your invitations ready. This may seem like a long time, but keep in mind calligraphy is a hand written art. They will have to create each invitation uniquely by hand which will take some time.

A calligrapher as with any other service you contract out for your wedding will likely require a down payment for their services along with a standard contract, such a contract should be short enough to actually read through and make sure they aren't trying to deceive you, the first red flag would be if it were crazy long, it should be what's called a boilerplate contract, meaning it has standardized language. Calligraphy wedding invitations are a beautiful way to invite guests to your ceremony. We hope this has helped guide you toward the best wedding invitations for you, and there are many talented calligraphers to select from in and around Chicago!