Wedding Valet Parking in Chicago

Valet parking is usually offered by some restaurants, stores, and businesses. Many couples have opt to hire a private valet service for their wedding. This is really a great idea. It will save your guests the frustration of parking, and get rid of the chaos of leaving the ceremony. If you're thinking of hiring a valet company for your wedding, there is some information you will want to know beforehand to make sure you get the kind of top notch service you are hoping to hire for your wedding.

First thing to do would be to find out if your venue already offers a valet service in any of their packages or if they have any companies they have good things to say about, that could save you a lot of time right there. If not you'll need to get on the old computer box and start looking for valet rental services, and this one you will really want to give extra scrutiny to since you will be trusting them with the vehicles of all of your friends and family, this is the wedding service you really need to make sure you knock out of the park.

Best place to start if you don't have any leads is to just start calling any companies in the area and asking if they have are available on that time or date if they aren't or they are overly pushy trying to get you to commit to using them then you'll know not to add them to your list. You will need to further inquire about any companies that do make your list. First start looking for good information on the internet from verifiable past clients, once you have it narrowed down from there give the remaining companies a call to get some more info about them. Some examples of things you would want to ask them are, does your company have general liability insurance?, How much is the initial down payment?, what will the valet attendants be wearing. It is very imperative that you are sure the company carries some type of liability insurance. It would be tragic if something were to happen to one of your guests cars. You can also ask for driving records of the valet attendants. You don't want an attendant with little driving experience, or an attendant with a poor driving record. When you've determined which company you feel best matches your requirements, the last step is actually reserving their services.

Providing a valet service during your wedding is a fantastic idea. It will save you and your guests unnecessary frustrations. Assuming you do your homework and find a very trustworthy company, people don't always like strangers touching their cars so you'll want the service to be top notch to help people feel special, but also allow those who don't wish to us to the ability to park themselves.