Cicero Restaurants & Bars

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Freddy's Pizzeria

1600 S 61st Avenue
Cicero, IL 60804-1641
Traditional pan pizza at its absolute best. And rest assured that this venue is about much more than just pizza. We are talking authentic Italian fare. You are going to quickly feel like you have fallen into Italian food heaven. If we had to recommend a dish, it would be the lasagna. But you truly cannot go wrong with anything you might order here.
Phone: (708) 863-9289

Taqueria Aguascalientes

2106 S Cicero Avenue
Cicero, IL 60804-2525
Perhaps you have been seeking a real Gorditas and if that is the case, we know where you can find one. Everything here must be authentic because there is no way it could taste this good. The kitchen staff know what they are doing. And not only is everything delicious, the drinks are high quality and the service staff will make sure you are satisfied.
Phone: (708) 656-8933

Al's Italian Restaurant

6050 W Cermak Road
Cicero, IL 60804-2020
Do you have an addiction? If not, beware of visiting this establishment. Their daily specials are so amazing you are going to be in a food coma before you know it. Depending on what your fetish is, no worries, you are going to find it on their menu. We highly recommend the veal parmigian. But if you are in the mood for pizza, get ready for some exceptional pies.
Phone: (708) 656-1060

Lobo De Mar Restaurant

5503 W Cermak Road
Cicero, IL 60804-2218
Bring the family along to this spacious venue. There is a little something for everyone here. Not only is their amazing and tasty food, but the customer service cannot be any better than it is here. The drinks are of a very high quality, the music will put you in a very good mood and the atmosphere will take all of your stress away from your long day at the office.
Phone: (708) 298-9182

Klas Restaurant

5734 W Cermak Road
Cicero, IL 60804-2130
How many restaurants do you know that have operated for almost 100 years? With that kind of history, you have to be doing something very right. And the decor is going to knock you out. From the bar area stacked with relics from World War I and II to the 14th Century wine and tap room, this place is a feast for the eyes and for the taste buds.
Phone: (708) 652-0795

Albano's Pizzeria

5913 W Roosevelt Road
Cicero, IL 60804-1140
There is something that you really need to know when you visit this fine establishment. If you order a pizza puff, make sure that you take four friends with you because that is how many it will feed. The staff is exceptional in every way, they not only treat you like family but they truly aim to please and will make sure that you have everything that you need.
Phone: (708) 863-0060