About Party Bus Chicago

We have not only managed to take our wonderful clients to and from all kinds of events and services but, Party Bus Chicago has worked hard to make sure we have hired the absolute best in every area whenever we are looking to fill a position on our team; party bus drivers, limousine chauffeurs and shuttle car drivers, in addition to the employees you never meet or speak with like our incredible mechanics who keep our buses in amazing condition and the team of detailers who make sure the vehicle to ready for it's next run no matter how quick the turn around is. If you use us for your next group transportation outing, we'll be able to give you the same quality service and an even better rate for another.

In addition to being able to take on all kinds of different business from wild bachelor parties or 21st birthdays to professional wedding transportation and handle it all proficiently, our emphasis on customer service has truly been our saving grace. It is our loyal client base who is responsible for passing word along to others just how seriously we take things for you and your important events and occasions.

If you ever have any kind of comment or suggestion, feel free to call us whenever is convenient for you. Our phones are always available to you; with a certified luxury transportation expert on the other end to handle any issues or questions you may have, or to simply get you a free quote or schedule your reservation with us. We're here to serve you in every way that we can and gladly take on not just business but the responsibility of educating our prospective clients on the entire business. Sadly, it's all too frequent that a fly by night company will pop up, make some quick money and disappear, cutting corners to offer low rates and disappearing before they can be caught. Sometimes it just sounds like a good deal that's hard to pass up. Even if you go with a company like that we would at least hope that you speak with us, even if you choose not to use us, that way next time around you'll know there are professional and legitimate options for your luxury transportation needs.

If you're in the mood for partying, great fun, good times, and a whole lot more, be sure to use one of the great party bus services we offer. With our party bus services we can guarantee that you'll really and truly love your ride, you'll enjoy yourself and you'll really and truly have a great time. It's all about getting the best when it comes to going out on the town, enjoying the company of others, and having a really and truly unforgettable time. Be sure to do just that as we promise that you will smile, enjoy yourself, and get the best when it comes to a good time on a party bus that can and will make the party last.