Party Bus Chicago FAQ

For the most part, most people have the same questions when they call us regarding a party bus, limousine or shuttle rental. Therefore, in an effort to save you time, we've decided to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that we get on our phones, right here. This may help make your limousine rental simpler.

How much do I need 'down' to reserve my party bus or limo?

To hold your party bus or limo on the day of your choice, you only need $200 down (by credit or debit, on the phone, at the time this was written), no matter how long or far your proposed trip is. Your booking specialist will let you know if this has changed when you are booking.

How many hours is the standard when it comes to rental times?

This can vary. It's one of the main reasons we say to call us with the details of your event or occasion. Normally, we use six hour minimum blocks for evening runs but there are also daytime and wedding packages, exceptions due to availability of vehicle, etc.

How far will Party Bus Chicago go to pick me up?

You can consult our Party Bus Chicago Service Area Map to see the majority of places that we pick up from. We are sure that there are a few communities that we may have left out so, please call us if you don't see your city or town.

Do extra stops cost anything?

No! You can stop or pick-up as many times as you would like. It is all included, the only thing that matters to us is that you pay for your time used, and if you know about additional stops before hand that you tell us so we can help by factoring them into your booking.

Is there an extra charge for fuel when a rental is going a long way?

No! Another hidden charge that other companies try to hit you with. We don't do that. When you get your quote from us, it included unlimited stops, mileage and even your sales tax!

Can everyone drink on the party buses?

If you and everyone with you is 21 years of age or older, you can all consume alcoholic beverages on the buses and limos.

Can you supply the alcohol for our trip?

Sorry, but no we cannot. We are not licensed to provide alcohol for our clientele. As mentioned prior, however, you're more than welcome to bring however much you'd like.

Can we smoke on the party bus itself?

No smoking of any kind is permitted on any of our party buses, limo buses, or limousines. We do this to preserve the pristine interior of our vehicles as well as for the health and safety of our chauffeurs.

Are we required to tip the driver if we don't want to?

We believe that a "tip is a tip" and is not required if you feel that it's not necessary.