Party Bus Chicago Pricing Policies

We don't have any type of hidden agenda when it comes to our pricing, the simple fact of the matter is that we want to make sure that you get the absolute best possible when it comes to pricing that works for your next trip. We are here to help, listen, and to make sure that you get the best, so that you can go out and enjoy your night on the town. Let us make it really and truly very special for you and for your party going friends and family, so that they can and will enjoy the best of the best when it comes to going out, having fun, and having a good time out on the town. After all, pricing should be the last thing that you should have to worry about, and we will never sneak in any hidden costs so let it be just that as you get out and enjoy yourself on one of our party buses or limousines on the way to your next exciting or relaxing destination.

Rather than simply posting our top rates on the site and giving everyone the same most expensive possible rate across the board, we listen to your particular details and needs that you have narrowed down for your particular date and we, in turn, factor all of those things in to find you the possible best rate that we can by industry standards. Taking into account all the various vehicle operating costs to save you money whenever it's possible to do so. We aren't going to charge you the same rate when fuel is $4 a gallon when it's $3 for example. Whenever we can we will pass any operating savings on to you to make sure you get the best price possible at any given time and there are many factors that can effect the price not just fuel. You may see some companies have an interactive booking form on their site to let you make a reservation without having to call, in theory that's great but in practice, it raises your rates and it doesn't give you an expert who knows all the ins and outs of the industry making sure your pick is the right one for your needs. Using those on-site booking forms means usually they farm it out to a 3rd party company that takes a percentage of the booking, or they pay a rate for, plus they are putting up their "never lose money on a run" rates or they have a full time web development team they have to pay to keep everything updated. Either way that's more money out of your pocket to pay for operating costs. Or you can just give a quick and easy call with our booking specialists and get a free quote that is correct for your needs.

All of our office staff has been trained according to the same guidelines so you will always be getting accurate and knowledgeable information every time that you call for a free customized quote or to book your party bus or limousine reservation - no matter the hour you call. Also, everyone working for us is from the area so, if you have questions about potential destinations, we can likely answer them for you.

As we said on another page, we greatly value your opinions and welcome them. No company is perfect and things can always be improved upon. In fact, the vast majority of long-time policies that we have and even certain vehicle features we have emphasized have all come from your suggestions and wishes. Don't ever hesitate to Contact Party Bus Chicago.