Bachelorette Party Chicago

Congratulations on tying the knot! But there's still one final step left before it's official: Your bachelorette party. And if you're looking for a marvelous city to hold it in, you won't find better than Chicago. Being one of the biggest cities in the country, there are all sorts of great entertainment options for your Chicago bachelorette party. If you're looking for a quiet night out, the city is filled with five-star restaurants with a wide range of dining options: Mexican, Thai, American, Ethiopian, you can find great food from all over the world in Chicago. But let's be honest, most soon-to-be wives (scary isn't it?) are looking for one thing and one thing only from their bachelorette party: a wild night out and some of the best looking male dancers. Thanks to the glamorous male strip clubs in the city and some of the Midwest's most exciting dance clubs, you spend one of your last nights as a single woman by partying like you never have before. And if you're looking to throw an intimate affair with some of your best friends, there are tons of private venues and private stripper companies in Chicago. But first off, let's go over some of the lighter party options.

Bars and Restaurants

Chicago is known for its good food: Chicago hot dogs, Chicago deep dishes and stellar Italian food make up Chicago's foodscape. If you're going this route with your bachelorette party, you can take advantage of a calm night out with some of your best friends. While it's great to have a blast together at a strip club or a night club, you won't be able to get in great conversations or advice when you're in a loud club. If you're looking to enjoy your girlfriends' presence over some five-star-quality food and drinks, look into some of Chicago's best restaurants and taverns. A great choice is The Office. Themed as a speakeasy with some seriously upscale drinks and food (the foie gras being a crowd favorite), this place is perfect for an intimate, classy night out. But if you're looking for just a bit more of excitement, GreenRiver is a beautiful cocktail lounge with a gorgeous view of Downtown Chicago from their terrace.

Strip Clubs

While some women are dying for a reflective night out with their gals, most women are looking to see some sensual men dance for their bachelorette party. Luckily, Chicago has you covered as far as male strip clubs go. Looking for a super classy club? Manhattan Men is one of the Windy City's finest. With a huge variety of dancers, everything from muscular hunks to shady bad boys, there's a man here to pique any of your girlfriends' interest. The guys here are jaw dropping, and the establishment is very upscale. However, some ladies have a different idea for their night out. At Stallion, you'll find a more personable approach. You can ask any shot boy/dancer for a private dance, and they have great drink specials.

Private Venues and Private Dancers

If the idea of a night out in a loud, possibly dingy, strip club just doesn't sound appropriate for your bachelorette party, you can find a wide range of private party venues in Chicago. Whether you're looking for something incredibly classy, like the Arcade Theatre, or something a bit more intimate and rustic, like the Alhambra Place, you can personalize your Chicago bachelorette party to your exact specifications. Want expensive men but cheap drinks? Done. How about a small venue with tons of male dancers? You can have that too. The best part of booking a private venue with private dancers is that you can choose everything from your budget to the men and the drinks. Unfortunately, you have none of these options at a normal strip club.